Journey to Lent:

Deep Structure and

Spiritual Depth

A “Reboot Your Worship”

Special FREE Two-Session Series

by Worship Design Studio’s Creator and Visionary, Dr. Marcia McFee

Two FREE webinars

In these two FREE sessions, learn about the two most basic and grounding principles of Dr. Marcia McFee’s work: deep structure and spiritual depth. Dr. McFee's worship designed for churches across the country has been called “the best series we’ve ever had,” “deeply meaningful journey,” and “captivating,” among others. As you learn about these two principles, you will also be preparing to apply them to your worship plans for the season of Lent–one of the most important times for deepening congregational spiritual journeys.

Two live webinar sessions will be preceded by an e-mail with access to supporting materials. Unlimited numbers of people from your church can sign up to get the materials and participate in the webinar from their computers. Having been inspired by these sessions, your team will be ready to prepare for an unforgettable Lent series.

The registration for these webinars is over. But you can still sign up to get links to the recordings!


Deep Structure

Creativity is not about throwing the “baby out with the bathwater” but rather knowing about our deeply human need for both the “a-ha” and the “oh yeah!” Repetition (“oh yeah”) offers our minds, bodies and spirits the delight of recognition and the groundedness produced by the strengthening of neural synapses. Discovery (“a-ha”) is what wakes us up, offering a a new lens for seeing age-old truths. The “difference” of a new metaphor sticks in our minds and can propel us with fresh insight. Dr. Marcia will show how paying attention to “deep structure” during a series of worship can give us both of these attributes.

Spiritually Deep

Equally as important is the recognition of our deep need for connection with God, with a narrative of faith, and with each other. Both worship design and leadership have a role to play in creating an environment of spiritual depth. In an anxious and spirit-depleted world, worship must do more than “go through the motions.”

The webinars will use examples from these three fully-scripted Lent series available from the Worship Design Studio